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    Trusts and Wills in Estate Planning in Beckley, WV

    Individuals and families work hard every day, and may even think about such things as eventual retirement and saving for a rainy day. However, too often, putting together the legal paperwork to oversee end-of-life wishes may be left undone. The need for estate planning may come when you least expect it.

    Contacting the law office of Kirby & Ashley is a great, proactive step on your part! We can work with you to address all of your estate planning needs, especially with the wide array of options available under today’s laws and accepted practices. When you have loved ones who may be under age or require on-going care, placing funds into a trust may be a key to their financial future.

    The traditional last will and testament may still be appropriate, but there are other options that may be suitable for your particular situation. If your loved one’s estate is left without a will, it may need to be administered through probate court. Give our office a call, and let Kirby & Ashley steer your final wishes in the right direction.

    Living Wills and Powers of Attorney

    What is a living will? It is a written statement that details a person’s desires about their medical treatment for times when they may no longer be able to express informed consent. These documents can also go by other names, such as “advance directive” or “medical powers of attorney.”

    A power of attorney is a document that gives someone else the ability to act in a legal capacity on your behalf. It could be for all legal or financial matters, or be limited to a specific scope. When you feel the need to have such a document in place, please call Kirby & Ashley, to review your situation and file the right paperwork.