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    Landlords and Tenant Rights, Deeds & Boundary Disputes in Beckley, WV

    Property owners and persons who lease from them both have various rights under the law. When it comes to the legal issues regarding each type of situation, it can be a perfect time to consult with an attorney. For example—

    When it comes to the right form of lease for your particular property, do you know all of the required elements? Will your rental arrangement be short-term or long? What is included as part of the rental agreement, and what will the lessee be responsible for providing on their own? As the landlord, what do you do when someone breaks their lease or you have to take them to court?

    Those who seek to rent a property, whether for storage, as a residence, or for business use, need to know what is contained in the rental agreement, and the various things for which they will be responsible. How do you know the form of agreement is the right type for your particular tenant situation, or that it covers the expected aspects of why you need the property? What do you do if your circumstances change and you have to get out of your lease?

    These and other questions can be answered with a consultation with the attorneys at Kirby & Ashley, L.C.

    Deeds, Boundary Disputes, and Adverse Possession in Beckley, WV

    Property law in West Virginia is a key area of Kirby & Ashley. Our office is your best choice to call when it comes to deeds and title matters. Our attorneys can assist in every aspect of real estate, so keep our number handy.

    Real property can have its problems at times, especially when it comes to providing clear ownership or when it comes to maintaining defined boundaries. Our lawyers know how to provide assistance either in a real estate closing or in court, if necessary, and work hard to protect your rights as a property owner.

    Whether you are concerned with a new property you seek to purchase, have an existing piece of land that you would like to subdivide, or have a property that has been in the family for generations and need to address an issue of adverse possession on all or part of that area, give Kirby & Ashley a call. We can best advise you on what to do regarding your specific real estate and property matters.